The need for a Single Credential to Access secure IT and Physical Resources

There is an increasing demand for physical access control system and provisioning IT authorizations to a smartphone or single card, by using a particular set of instructions. Apart from the convenience it brings, the merging of authorizations into a single card can significantly improve security and cut- down operational overheads

Understanding Convergence Drivers
The emphasis of most organizations is how they can get stronger system that will secure its Information Technology and physical infrastructures. Control of legacy access depends on on a user giving an identification (ID) mark to gain entrance to a building, after gaining entrance, static passwords will be to verify to IT infrastructures. Currently with increase rate of threats both internally and externally there is need for an adoption of (BYOD)- Bring Your Own Device this procedures of securing access are inadequate. Most organizations need the ability to improve the control access and Deploy stronger verification throughout all it infrastructure which are part of their multi-layered strategy for securing its infrastructures. Read more

HID’s “One Card” Smart-Card Solutions for Higher Education

Higher institutions are faced with security threats along with dwindling budgets and intense pressure to cut overheads across all departments. They must keep their environment safe in the most cost-effective way as possible. Every institution has its peculiar set of defies and unique necessities that requires flexible system designs that will satisfy the demands of the day while providing the basis to meet future needs. Contactless smart card are developed specifically for higher institutions to solve the security challenges and gives security personnel the confidence that their structure are protected both for staffs and students.

Why the upgrade is necessary?

Previously, universities and colleges deploys magstripe cards as their major technology. Unfortunately, magstripe technology is characterized by little or no proper security protections, and most institution who use it observed an increase in counterfeit student

ID cards. The deployment of magstrip technology which has low frequency systems, leaves the institution system vulnerable. Read more

How ID card Templates Save You Time and Enhance Production

There’s no need to argue that the demand for ID cards is on the increase every day. ID cards serve a variety of purposes and it is an integral part of every organizations where identification of every employees is important. In fact, ID card is one of the key security measure in every organizations, whether in small, medium, or large organizations. However, the increase in the demand for quality ID card productions may be accompanied by stress. Not only that, it may be a pain in the ass to get a vibrant design needed to create quality and good looking ID card within a limited time frame. Fortunately, ID card templates could save you time and enhance your production drastically.

The greatest benefit of having ID card templates is that you don’t necessarily need to stress your brain to come up with new design every time you want to create ID card. They are available for easy customization, making it extremely easy for you to complete huge tasks within the shortest possible time. Read more

Importance of ID Card Printers

As already stated in the title, having your own ID card printers is associated with many benefits. There’s no doubt that ID card is an important component of security and means of identification in every organizations. Every business has their own customized ID cards that help them to identify their employees, by picture, name, or finger print. However, there’s a report that the rate at which sensitive information leak to the public is on the increase due to the fact that many businesses lack proper ID issuing facilities. This has drastically increases the number of fake identities and impersonation. The question now is how can businesses control the rate at which sensitive information leak to the wrong hand? This is where having your own ID card printers play major role.

It is highly recommended that every business have their own ID card printers, so that they can properly monitor the production and secure the information.  Awarding your ID card production to other companies may expose your business to serious security threat.

Having your own ID card printers will ultimately protect your information and enhance your business security. You will not spend hugely on ID card production that will later expose your business secrets.


Advantage of ID card

High security ID card is used to identify employees and visitors that enter the business environment. Most of the advanced technologies ID cards that come with microchip are now used as a major access in many businesses, which enable people with valid ID card to enter some particular areas within the company. Without having your ID card, it is certain that most businesses will not allow you to enter the vicinity of the company, which is a great way to properly monitor the business.

ID card also helps to keep record of certain activities. For example, it can record the information of people who enter some particular area. With this feature it is easy to trace people by following the information recorded in the card.

Security enhance ID cards are also used in keeping attendance of employees. It does not only mark the register, but also register the time. In some organizations where the machine is programmed not to grant access to anyone after some particular time, anybody that try to enter the business environment after that time will be denied access. This is a good way to inculcate punctuality in employees.

Purchasing your ID card printers

Whether you are purchasing printers for small businesses or large organization, there are two basic types of ID card printers; the ID badge printers and the plastic ID card printers.

It is usually advisable to conduct some research before buying any ID card printers. You need to consider the quantity of ID cards you will be producing and how often you will produce them. Again you need to decide based on the features you want to include in your ID card. Don’t just assume that every ID card printers will be able to deliver what you need.